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Eve online high slot utility

eve online high slot utility

For instance the Tristan gets a utility high and if you're running Blasters is it worth A sub-reddit devoted to the MMORPG EVE Online. Got a Machariel PvE fitting that I like alot for running missions now and then. Only problem is I have no idea what to put in the extra high slot. Newbie ship fitting problem. The Eagle is retaining its bonus to shield resistances but trades its utility high slot for a sixth mid slot to flesh out its tank. The Deimos also loses. eve online high slot utility All rights are reserved worldwide. Most excellent use is combined with an Auto-targeting System on a Tempest with Artillery. Destabilizator December 18, at 5: The Ishtar's drone bay capacity bonus has been rolled into the ship's base stats and replaced with 7. You dont chat beantragen aus to activate the Auto-Targeting system to get the benefit from the extra locked targets.


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