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Ruble counters

ruble counters

Rumble. The Mechanized Menace. Mage. Magical Damage. Top. General Counter Tips. Quickly get out of Rumble's ultimate AOE zone as it deals massive. Rumble. Counter Tips. All; General; Top; Middle; Bottom; Jungle. experience-india.eu Copyright © SoloMid Network. Terms of Service · Privacy Policy. Counter picking stats for Rumble. Rumble Counters based on role and lane matchup stats to assist champion select. CounterStats: Counter Picking Statistics for.


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Fight near YOUR creep wave. Force him to use electro harpoons to attempt to last hit. Rumble pulls up a shield, protecting him from damage and granting him a quick burst of speed. Champs that can chunk at range and wear me down are toughest. Terms of Service Privacy Policy Contact Us. Once he hits level 6, he's nearly impossible to kill 1 vs 1 and will turn a trade into a kill. The other thing you could do is be ranged enough to not be in flame spitter range. No Rage Posts Please keep discussions intellectual, not emotional. His ult has a whole host of weaknesses that will make it hard to be a real gamechanger. Vlad can sustain against him and poke endlessly. Most Frequent Masteries Ferocity - I know Vi isnt exactly a meta pick top lane, drag racing play online her E is solid harrass on him that is just out of flame splitter range I believe if he goes near the minion wave to last hit, her Q and ult do a good job of CCing for a moment.

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Ruble counters Playing against Rumble requires understanding his cooldowns and resource mechanic, and good timing. We are currently in BETA. Reddit recently gave us more sidebar space! Try to avoid bunching up with other team tilt deutsch in order to reduce the impact of Rumble's ultimate. This not a reliable counter, as junglers can punish early agression hard.
Australischer windhund This not a reliable counter, as junglers can punish early agression hard. Every spell Rumble casts gives him Heat. What are your role's MUST WATCH VIDEOS. Flame spitter only deals damage when he's sitting there looking at you. Rumble is fairly awful at last hitting under turret too, shoving him into turret would really destroy his cs.
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ruble counters

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